Tuesday, 12 April 2016

white water rafting moment

When we went rafting I was in my wetsuit when we went on the bus. The bus was really bumpy especially when we were on the side of a cliff and I thought that we were going to fall off but we didn't. When I ran down to the rafts and I got into my raft. My captain said the instructions and we set off into the water. As we were in the water we saw some rapids coming ahead of us, our captain said forward paddle. When we were coming up to more rapids our captain taught us back paddle. Our captain and us wanted a name for the raft we didn't know what to call it, then Dylan said water rafters We all said yes and then we did a high five with our paddles. When we got under the bridge we hopped out of the raft and had a little swim I got right back in the raft all the people got us back up I fell backwards it was hard to get back up. We crashed into walls and rocks. The person that was on the front fell backwards the people had to lift her or him back up. When we got to the end we had to hop out of the raft and get all the paddles and put them in the front. When we got out of the raft we had to wait for the bus so we played a game. We played a game that you needed to let go of the paddle and go to the next paddle your paddles can go left or right and you need to keep going until you win and if you miss it or go the other way you lose. When the bus got here we had to hop in and we set off. Water rafting was the best thing ever!

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